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The beauty of nature

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”
— Albert Einstein


Crystal Select: Yellow Carnelian

Carnelian Stones are stones of action… that will give you the courage and confidence to move forward on a new path in life. In ancient times it was a stone used to protect the dead on their journey to the after-life. 148 more words


Crystal Select: Onyx

It has a long history of use for hardstone carving and jewellery, where it is usually cut as a cabochon or into beads. It has also been used for intaglio and hardstone cameo engraved gems, where the bands make the image contrast with the ground. 309 more words


The HEX-I-AM Grid Revisited

from my Spirit Mythos website . . .

What do cetaceans and crystals have in common? According to the Record of Thoth, they both communicate through an earth energy grid he calls the “HEX-I-AM.” This is a six-fold bandwidth of electrically-charged impulses emitted from the crystalline matrix of the planet. 955 more words


Super Full Moon Crystal Reiki Grid

Have you noticed this has been a summer of LOTS OF ENERGY?!?

Here we are right in the middle of summer.
So much wonderful activity.Yet, so much activity can also leave one feeling “over-loaded”, over-stimulated and over whelmed. 428 more words



The ancient Egyptians called alabaster the stone of the “Sun Gods”. They believed if they were buried with it, the stone would draw their souls back toward the light. 185 more words


Mahogany Obsidian

Mahogany Obsidian is  often used to remove energy blockages, including psychic cords, that sap one’s  inner strength. It is also used for protection from psychic attacks by those who wish to harm one or those who might inadvertently do so. 174 more words