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My Personal Intro


Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read my blog

Hello, I am a crystal healer, reiki master, tarot reader, and now blogger. 169 more words

Crystal Healing

My New Crystals & Healing Session

Today I went for a healing touch from my long time energy healer Roxanne. I wanted to also purchase a nice kyanite cluster for myself and I came home with a BUNCH of new gorgeous friends! 823 more words


Demand fueled by "crystal healers" - British jewelry-makers set up Thunder Bay amethyst shop

A British jewelry maker has launched a web site devoted to selling Thunder Bay amethysts.

Dave Austin said his company started importing the stones because of requests from people who use crystals in alternative healing practices. 196 more words

Wonderful Wednesday

Today is going to be as busy one for me. Two readings booked in, one tarot the other one psychic, clairvoyant, mediumistic. Which ever one they wish for. 72 more words


I Am Offering Energetic Cleanses

Would you like to feel uplifted?  I can cleanse your auric field with selenite, aquamarine, and amethyst.

When I perform this enchanting dance with stones around you, the selenite helps you to let go of earthly attachments, so your spirit can flow freely.  388 more words

Dew Pearls

Dew pearls can be found from different sources. Dew Pearls are unique. These are the gift from the nature, they are exquisite and rare to behold. 165 more words


My New Adventure!

I love the way I incorporate majick into my personal and spiritual growth regimen. It not only makes it fun and interesting, it really packs a punch to everything I project out there into the universe. 193 more words

Spiritual Growth