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Cryptic Whispers

Cryptic whispers hang in the air in the fellaheen night
hhBending the mind magnetised over the moment,
I will wrench the lost evening till I eek out sweet wine… 60 more words


Masters of Disguise

Members of the animal kingdom have developed an amazing number of ways of defending themselves from predators. Some have highly evolved poisons that can wound or kill animals many times larger than themselves (think venomous snakes and spiders, or poison dart frogs); others have barbs, spines, or just generally prickly parts that render them unappetizing, making would-be-assailants think twice about the hassle of getting the creature into its craw; finally, there are more innocuous methods of self-defense, like cryptic camouflage. 177 more words


Star Trek Online : Borg Advance episode series

When cryptic launched season 9, they reworked the episode series “Borg Advance” implementing the participation of Admiral Tuvok played by Tim Russ.

Since season 8, cryptic understood that they need to implement in game, when it’s possible, the actors that made the Star Trek tv shows what we all liked. 104 more words

Egyptian flashes and triggers

So, this is strange and freaky. As far as we know we have no RA background yet no memory of past at all. If so were not sure we want to know. 194 more words

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Singing (A Creative Way of Speaking) Our Lives Into Being

The idea for this post, was partially sparked by my friend Silversun’s encouraging post http://silversun008.wordpress.com/2014/08/08/release/ from Friday that I read today, where she wrote about music, dancing and singing being a means of freedom that releases her from negative things. 821 more words

a moment like this

Just feeling bummed. I can’t type more words.

Just these synonyms