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Separation Anxiety

Ever since coming back from a short trip last week, there’s not been much sleep going on in my house at night.

Human and cats didn’t get much during these past nights. 39 more words


Caged Birds Don't Sing

Silent drip drop from my face

Your empty stares, my colorful shame

I stop, my voice cracks

I swallow, I try to get back on track… 120 more words



A lone tear escapes my eye.

And for a moment, I was happy.

I was happy because for once,

I was able to cry.

I momentarily forgot… 43 more words


I Weep For You

what is the point of living if you can’t eat hot crunchy spuds


Against the Wall*

Working towards nothing.

Nothing works towards something.

Something happens to be insanity.

Constant work overload without the benefits of payment.

Appreciation, none.

Help, no help, only hinder. 76 more words



Did anyone else’s mom/dad say “stop crying, crying doesn’t solve anything” because my parents did and I just got to the point where I can cry without feeling like an idiot. 56 more words

There is hope

It is an indescribable type of pain to witness your loved ones hurt. I want to suspend time so that I can take that pain as my own and erase all their memory of hurt and suffering. 200 more words