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Titanic it brings tears to my eyes.


My Birth Story (Almost a Full Year Later)

Let me preface this post by saying that it is posted as a story and not a lecture. Personally, I do not care how you delivered, where you delivered, with whose help, with or without what medical help. 2,540 more words

This world

This world,
So angry, so hateful,
Our world,
So cold, so painful,

Human on human,
Soul kills soul,
When will they learn,
When they take it all?, 46 more words


What's left for us?

What’s left for us,
You and me?,
No gas on,
For them free,

Another perk,
Another joy,
All the time,
It’s us annoyed,

Our countries weak, 27 more words


Can you hear me?

Mother, cant you hear me cry?
I am screaming pain but you don’t hear, why?
Oh father, don’t you see these scars?
I am spreading my arms but you’re always far. 143 more words


Life goes by

Life goes by,
So fast,
So quick,
Once fine,
Now sick,

Life goes by,
Survival instinct,
Not long now,
Until the poor are extinct, 95 more words


Day 2- my weight.

Hi thanks for reading.

This is like my diary I just write how I feel and how is the breaking up going.

So social media can tell us everything, I still have on Fb and Instagram the picture of us. 963 more words