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First Random Musing Post

Now today I learned some things. I learned that once again, you can never really be totally sure of who you will fall for, as someone very unexpected just managed to win my attention. 436 more words


Another one, just for the heck of it; I love semicolons

I’m going to talk about myself, probably in run-on sentences, as if there were something to be learned from it. You are about to read a lot of “I”s. 913 more words

Dear Baby Me: September 7 & October 11, 1995

Dear Journal,
I’m soo sorry I havn’t written. I left off at camp so I’ll tell you what happened after camp. Uncle Greg & Aunt Pat picked us up and brought us to the island. 316 more words

Growing Up

What's this?

I am away from wordpress for a month and a half and everything has changed. 

Anyway, life is hectic. Today is the last day I have to myself before becoming a full fledged law student since class is at 9am tomorrow morning. 337 more words


Jennifer Lawrence

Last night I was watching TV when I discovered that nude photos of actress Jennifer Lawrence had been leaked online. I found this out because it was the topic of conversation between my wonderful girlfriend and her friends on their phones, and included them sharing the pictures. 715 more words


Enter the Imposter!

Oh my good gawd. The games this nut plays. If those who are responding to Robin Marshall as though she isn’t really Bridgette Shanahan are serious, they are as crazy as she is. 438 more words

Everly Brothers

The Problem

I have a crush on one of my bosses.  

I honestly think that I’m just focusing all of my energy on him because I’ve been craving the single life.   129 more words