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Saturday, Aug. 30

Yesterday’s blog raises a number of questions for me. In dealing with human differences, why do some people have the potential to become great athletes or great musicians or scientists or poets? 263 more words


Created Unequal

Friday, Aug. 29

“God has ordained inequality.”—Pastor Dan McMillan. The preamble to our constitution says that God has created us equal, which seems to contradict Pastor Dan’s comment. 287 more words


Enough is Enough

Thursday, Aug. 28
“We really should be teaching students how to think on their own. Letting them struggle just enough, but not so much that they give up.”—Laura Lethe, math teacher in Salem, OR. 105 more words


Love life.

I love watching people live.
When I say live, I mean LIVE.
I love seeing time spent nonrefundable.
Fuck your favorite television show.
Tell me your favorite memory! 94 more words



Wednesday, Aug. 27

The concept of free will and election (predestination) is a paradox. Theologians have debated this for centuries. The idea of being free and at the same time a slave is somewhat of a paradox, too. 303 more words


Seven Crumbs Locations To Reopen Next Month With The Addition Of Non-Cupcake Treats

If the closure of Crumbs Bake Shop last month left a cupcake sized hole in your heart, you may be able to fill that void next month as the new company operators prepare to reopen at least seven locations. 278 more words

Soldiers and Slaves

Tuesday, Aug. 26

“When you know you are in a war, your adrenaline flows. You are passionate. You willingly make sacrifices. You don’t expect or demand constant comfort, security, enjoyment, and entertainment.” –Peter Kreeft in The Good War. 298 more words