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Thursday Follow pt 4

Follow Thursday is an offering to anyone looking for good knitting and craft-related blogs to peruse. Check out the tag on the post to see previous ones. 164 more words


My Crocheting Projects

Earlier this week, I decided to make an adult slouch crocheted beanie by following an instructional guide. I used yarn from the Lion Brand Yarn Company. 202 more words


WIP Wednesday -Crochet ADD

This is going to be a quick post because a. Its late and b. I’m on my phone.

I wanted to share a few things that I am working on. 400 more words

Daily Life

My Crocheting Projects

Last year, I decided to take up the hobby of crocheting. I actually attempted to knit, but I found crocheting easier. Therefore, I went with that. 266 more words


Thursday Follow pt 3

Here I am again offering up some blogs for you to peruse at your leisure, hand-picked from the embarrassingly large amount I read. I mean, looking at my search history you might think I’m some kind of knitting fanatic or something. 263 more words


Who is Romoe?

Wandering through the creekside trial with the dog every day is a good way to unwind. I’ve been listening to Welcome to Night Vale on our walks lately so it’s rather apt to see bizarre and slightly surreal images like a dragonfly eating a littler fly: 303 more words


Crochet-Along update

Awhile ago I wrote about a crochet-along that I was partaking in.  I also promised update photos.

But, with many of my projects that I do, I put it to the back burner as it was just taking up too much time, and I had other pressing matters to attend to. 281 more words