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Art Critique 1a (a standing for again)

So this is completely different than my previous critique I posted the other day, but as progress is being made on my next project, I wanted to do another critique just for fun. 935 more words


Students' reviews of the European Blow Dry training by Denise Rossi

During her training program spell at Bestyled, the blow dry lounge in the Greater Boston area, students were always enthusiastic after Denise’s classes, excited and pumped up (although usually pretty exhausted). 81 more words


Week 28: Lexicon by Max Barry

I posted an image to my previous blog post from The Hundred-Foot Journey that said “cooking is not a tired old marriage, it is a passionate affair.” For me, reading is the same way, and I am embarrassed to say it has been about three weeks since I posted my last review- needless to say I have a lot of catching up to do. 627 more words


Query Critique 19

Dear Ms Nelson:

They thought no one could hear them. I’m not a huge fan of ambiguous “they” in the first sentence. But they underestimated the deaf man.  470 more words


Critique or Critic?

My high school drama teacher set the class with what appeared to be a straightforward assignment: form groups of three and share a story about either your favorite or your least favorite teacher. 781 more words


Half Baked (SPOILERS)


In this episode, we finally learned more about Gabe’s back story and his prior knowledge of his father’s affair.  Gabe told the heartbreaking story of his mother’s death and how it took and toll on the family.   185 more words


Calling all writers!

I’ve been getting back into to the groove of writing again semi- regularly, and I’m thinking about getting with a writing partner/critic/ group who can help me through. 138 more words