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Meet Schizophrenic & Bipolar also known as Acute Fungal Sinusitus & Severe Allergies

It must be a a mood disorder, or a mental illness, since crime victims imagine criminals and have severe allergies, nasal polyps, they dont feel too well starving, and get angry when people aren’t taking crime victimization seriously……Imagine that! 59 more words


Did you file a police report? 10 so far.

This is all the Arkansas Police Reports.


Then there is texas….After all the effort I put into Arkansas, and the anger I’ve had over what I’ve read, and my face-to-face experiences with them. 48 more words


Social Media Epic Fails & Wins

Trying to see if your friends really care about you via pintererst, instagram, Facebook, or any Social Media platform. Trying to use shit talking to get their attention when your in danger. 132 more words


Victim of Revenge Rape

After intimidation in Austin, Texas, and Wells Fargo trying to steal my atm card, I got in my car, threw my cat in, and drove back to North Little Rock, Arkansas. 1,983 more words


Police: Rock Hill woman tortured and sold for sex | www.wsoctv.com

These people got balls . . .

Police: Rock Hill woman tortured and sold for sex | www.wsoctv.com

Obviously not a crime for the weak of heart, setting a lady up to be used as a prostitute and using a taser, drugs,and a firearm to ensure her compliance. 562 more words

Health & Safety

Declare independence-Don't Let them do that to you

Today is July 4th, 2014. 4 days before the anniversary I was raped at knife point in my home town.

There is a certain amount of anger I feel, betrayal, to know that individuals you who knew me personally, simply let their hands touch me. 1,001 more words