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September 2 - Jimminy Cricket!

Today’s factismal: Citizen scientists have discovered that Asian cave crickets now outnumber North American cave crickets on the East Coast.

One of the most common questions asked about citizen science is “Does it really matter?” And that’s understandable. 364 more words


Icelandic business plans energy bar made of insects

Crunchy crickets!

Insects are a staple food in parts of the developing world, but two businessmen from the unlikely location of Iceland are proposing to use them to make energy bars.

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Sounds of Summer

For a quarter of the year, the air is ‘relatively’ quiet…

And then for the next quarter, it’s a regular frog’s chorus… 

For the other half of the year, it sounds like this, day and night, never ending, relentless, but I never seem tire of listening to it.


Asocial at an evening garden party

He stood alone.

But how, you ask
was he alone
in a room full of people?

Politics and the weather, over
hors d’oeuvres and fruit punch. 37 more words


My, what busy palps you have!

In mid- to late summer, the swamps of southeast Missouri and adjacent areas along the Mississippi River become awash in color as stands of hairy rose mallow ( 852 more words



I spill spearmint tea
on the blue pillowcase
covering a cart’s whitespace
by my bedside.

I am reminded
of an open window,
where crickets pass secrets… 93 more words

0359 I'm Looking For Someone To Love - The Crickets (1957)

This song was written by Buddy Holly and Norman Petty. It was first recorded in 1957 by The Crickets and was released on their debut album The “Chirping” Crickets. 64 more words