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Cajun Food Pr0n - Gumbo

I always send folks to this page when they ask for a gumbo recipe.  It’s for a chicken and sausage gumbo but easily adapts to whatever meat you have on hand.   24 more words


Chef Frank Brigtsen and the New Orleans Cooking Experience

“The way Katrina changed me is that I’m more passionate about my home, more protective of my cuisine.”

“I was taught by Paul Prudhomme; it was one the greatest blessings in my life, and I want to give back and foster the next generation of New Orleanians to at least learn and respect the cuisine.” 70 more words

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Voodoo Practice in New Orleans | Before and After Katrina

After Katrina went many of the practitioners of voodoo, a faith with its origins in the merging of West African belief systems and Catholicism.  Locals claim that the voodoo community was 2,500 to 3,000 people strong before Katrina, but after that number was reduced to around 300. 58 more words


The Life Cycle of Banana Trees

We are conditioned to believe that Haiti is dependent upon our help, our knowledge and our resources to survive.

Lesson one (and a warning to the wise): if you approach volunteer work like you know it all and have it all, you’re gonna get schooled. 260 more words


Chickpea green bean salad with creole spice

Serves 12

Comment: good flavorful and healthy side or salad.


2 onions sliced thinly
14oz green beans trimmed and chopped in half… 89 more words


Creole Grill Cuisine

#CreoleGrill will impress you with two things; Our superb cuisine and our renowned St.Lucian hospitality #CocoPalm #SaintLucia