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The Decisive Ambiguity of Religion in Beowulf

(FYI: This is about the book, not the movie – I just didn’t have a decent picture)

Religion is one of the most pivotal themes in… 472 more words

Daily Updates

Calligraphic poetry

I’ve posted this on my other blog, the elevator press because I will be adding some printed images to illustrate the poem. This is just a section of it to share with you – I did not write the poem, I used it to practise calligraphy skills and it’s so far taken me five hours.


MY Reality–PT. II

My Realty – Part 1

My world is woven from a desire to create a reality.

Silken threads intertwine and twist in the moisture laden air, 2,012 more words


Into The Grey

Standing still, the suffocating darkness consumes,

while the soft glow envelops them whole.

The dusk of their souls, drenched with rain,

bleed, although no blood remains. 25 more words

Creative Writing

You and I

We are but tiny teardrops on Earth

Electrical gardens of worth

Lighting the crystalline sky

You and I

Creative Writing


Lost between
The sky unseen

In shadows not
The ember hot

Close into
The ever new

No word
Nor thought
Or brought

The air… 19 more words

Creative Writing

Drifting In Lavender

Lavender slush

Slow to a hush

See the blue ember

Shining forever

Drift away

With me, stay

I am here

I am here

Creative Writing