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Update On My Life

In the last month I have gone through a roller coaster of emotions ranging from extremely happy to down right depressed. I don’t deal with my emotions the way I should. 503 more words

How About That

Before my fiance left for Minnesota, I tried my best to look into the future and see what his trip would hold.

This is no mean feat because I don’t think I’ve ever… 369 more words

After the Bridge: The Full Story (Jem/Tessa)

hi Cassie! idk if you’ve noticed, but I think you’ve invoked a small (and quite entertaining) url revolution. — hornyjem

I did. I am very proud. 176 more words

Soooo Emotional

I am just so all over the place. I woke up this morning in an ok mood. Kind if middle of the road, which honestly I am totally fine with it. 237 more words



Phew. What a whirlwind the past few months have been. Life has been very hectic, but I think it’s finally about to settle down a bit. 172 more words


Johnny and Mary

Go on.  Ask yourselves a question you dimwit, ding-dong, dingalings.  Fill in the blank.

I am happiest when ______________?

Answer:  I am happiest when I’m hanging out with my no good, shithead brothers and the rest of the Hinton family, getting drunk on the whiskey, smoking cigarettes, eating good food, listening to cheesy 80’s glam rock, sitting around a blazing fire, and swapping stories about the good old days when we all lived under the same roof and nearly drove my mother to the la-la-la-loony bin on an almost daily basis.  

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