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Risking Bigger? Aye, Just Like A Pirate!

Whether you’re in business, or you are the business, you’re going to have to do something nobody else does: 430 more words

Practical Tips

I'm use to it...

I’m use to it…At times the silence is deafening but it has now become my companion…

I’m use to it…The cold is numbing but my heart no longer yearns for the warmth of you… 111 more words


A Motorcycle Crash Is Caught On Camera And What Happens Seconds After Is Insane! [VIDEO]

A man crashes his motorcycle and makes and unbelievable recovery!

This is by far one of the craziest crashes I’ve ever seen! Watch above!



People are interesting. I have always thought that.

I should quickly note in the beginning of this post that I do not mean interesting in a bad way, but I will also admit, when I do not always mean it in a good way either. 233 more words


Evolving Relationships, Age & Reality

10 years ago I joined a Christian dating site.  I made some amazing friendships.  I met a few guys that I thought could possibly be Mr. 529 more words


A Mother Gets Beat By Man While Bystanders Watch

A mother gets beat by man while bystanders just watch. Running her mouth or not this is just wrong. What do you think?