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I fell off the wagon!

You must be thinking that I’m an alcoholic or a drug addict trying to kick the habit but it’s not so bad. However, I am not that good either; on numerous occasions I’ve succumbed to petty addictions and urges and in my eyes that’s falling off the wagon. 478 more words

Life's Cruel Sense of Humor

Life has a cruel sense of humor sometimes. It tends to throw curveballs at the most inappropriate times and then sit back and laugh at us, or at least that’s what it feels like most of the time. 268 more words


College Life: My First Week Recap

I can’t believe I almost forgot to write a post about this… The most obviously-related post to the title of my blog. College. As you may know, we all started classes this past Monday. 1,219 more words

College Life

Can I Get Some Punctuation Please? (Part 2)

Here you go. Enjoy. I don’t have the patience to edit the insanity. I doubt if many will be able to muddle through it all, but give it the old college try, hu? 380 more words


Can I Get Some Punctuation Please? (Part 1)

Last summer Tinkerbell was 40 minutes late picking up SD, thus making teenage daughter late for band practice. While she was standing in our driveway, Tinkerbell asked me, in a very odd, little-girl-like voice, if she could come in and see SD’s room. 895 more words



I had the most amazing moment with a woman the other day. 

Working in a pharmacy brings you into contact with a lot of crazy people. 485 more words