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Is love and chocolate in the air?

Feb, 2014

Come the month of February you start feeling that love is in the air. Whether you actually celebrate Valentine’s day or not, you are certainly forced to think about it and see it all around you. 325 more words

Nutritional Deficiency


The three favourite questions people like to ask pregnant ladies:

  1. Do you know what you’re having?
  2. Have you decided on a name yet?
  3. Have you had any cravings?
  4. 198 more words

I am ( Blessed or Cursed)

I’m messy, yet I crave organization. 

I have dreams of book shelves neatly organized and filing cabinets

labeled and neat

I dream of anal retentiveness. 62 more words


Inspiration from Low Sugar No Sugar

I started reading a book today called “Low Sugar No Sugar” by Jess Lomas – I have read several other books on this theme before but Jess simplified it so that I could understand it. 359 more words



 It’s a rush when they touch, flesh upon flesh

What a beautiful mess

Of bodies, of sweat of passion and regret

This love is just lust and it’s never enough… 62 more words


Day 11: I'm really tired of eggs. Guess I will make eggs.

Today’s Weight: 154 (well, that’s not good!)

Feeling: Very, very tired.

This morning I said to myself, “I’m really tired of eggs.” With that statement I decided to do a search on keto friendly breakfasts that I can eat. 592 more words

Challenges to Come!

The next couple weeks are going to be a challenge for staying on program. My son is home from Colorado for two weeks. This of course puts us into a celebratory mood. 649 more words