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Another Day, Another Moan

It is always the defendant’s fault. If it’s not the defendant’s fault then it will be the fault of the defendant’s dastardly lawyer. If we come down hard on them the system will run more efficiently and will be fairer as well. 409 more words


Exactly How An Injury Lawyer Can Certainly Help Preserve A Person's Privileges

A lawyer, in whose specialty is injury legislation, will stand for individuals that have been wounded either literally or mentally, as an outcome of one more person’s neglect or wrongdoing. 704 more words


Bring Back the Calderbank – Stop Mad Litigation

A few years ago when people divorced they were encouraged to make offers to settle that were “Without Prejudice Save As To Costs”. These were known as Calderbank offers, after the name of the divorce case in which they were first made. 446 more words


California Gov. Jerry Brown files appeal over teacher tenure ruling

California Gov. Jerry Brown files appeal over teacher tenure ruling

So..  Again, another liberal Democrat in bed with the teachers unions which is worried about tenure, at the expense of the education of California kids.  Typical…

Coping With Your Current Injury Attorney

In case you have been hurt in a mishap, but you think that an individual else is at fault, you might be able to produce an injury lawsuit to bounce back damages because of your injury. 734 more words


Sacramento woman found guilty of $200K mortgage fraud scheme

SACRAMENTO, CA. – A federal jury found a Sacramento woman guilty of two counts of wire fraud for her role in a mortgage fraud scheme as a straw buyer, an illegal practice that has contributed to much financial distress for local economies, authorities announced Friday. 313 more words


Superior Court Judge Rules Washington City Can Ban State Approved Marijuana Businesses

Submitted by Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

In a ruling likely to embolden other cities and counties in Washington to prohibit legal marijuana businesses Pierce County Superior Court Ronald Culpepper ruled that Initiative 502, Washington State’s voter approved marijuana legalization and regulation measure, does not pre-empt local governments from adopting ordinances banning the legal marijuana industry. 914 more words