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Star Syndrome

by BigFoot

With lots of cosplayers and a popularity battle among them, there are common for some people to have a Star-Syndrome illness. This is not a disease, so don’t worry! 560 more words


Links! Links! Links! Look!


Sooo about that Lady Sif ;)

Soo I don’t know if you know this, but I’m going to be cosplaying Lady Sif at New York Comic Con this year- which I’m crazy excited about because c’mon, how badass is Sif, right?! 418 more words


I love costly and I love looking fit, and I can’t do any of those two yet LOL but seeing that there are people before me that have been able to conquer both those worlds I do take my hat off to them. 43 more words

15 Types of Cosplayers

by BigFoot

There are lots of cosplayer’s types that i’ve found at comic con or any other cosplay events.

These are 15 types of Cosplayers: 293 more words


Cosplaying Fanart?

In a recent discussion about cosplay, the question of whether or not it was “okay” to cosplay certain fan-versions of characters was considered appropriate. There’s a split camp (obviously, or I wouldn’t be talking about it), but for the general record, everyone could agree that it was okay – up to a certain threshold. 652 more words