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Bob Braun: Pray for the Children of Newark

This is a column that will raise the rafters, curl your hair, or make you shake with rage. It should.

Bob Braun, who started his own blog after writing for New Jersey’s largest newspaper, “The Star-Ledger,” for 50 years, is furious. 1,076 more words

Corporate Reformers

Labor Day, 2014

I recently saw photographs of John F. Kennedy giving a Labor Day speech in New York City during his Presidential campaign in 1960. He spoke in the center of the Garment District, on the west side of Manhattan. 1,132 more words

Corporate Reformers

Eva Moves Her Offices to Wall Street

Success has its privileges. This is certainly true when it comes to Eva Moskowitz’s charter chain Success Academy.

Juan Gonzalez of the Néw York Daily News… 237 more words

Charter Schools

"One Newark" Assigns Five Siblings to Five Different Schools

Here is “choice” at its worst.

Cami Anderson, Governor Chris Christie’s pick to run the state-controlled Newark schools, is closing public schools to make way for charter schools. 172 more words

Corporate Reformers

Paul Horton on the Chicago Clique and the War on Public Education

Paul Horton is a history instructor in the University High School at the University of Chicago Lab Schools. This post explains the Obama administration’s love for charters and its disdain for public schools. 1,665 more words

Charter Schools

Sarah Garland: How a Reagan-Era Report Provides the Basis for Obama's Education Policies

Sarah Garland, writing for the HECHINGER Report, says that the Reagan-era report “A Nation at Risk” (1983) laid the groundwork for today’s regime of high-takes testing, longer school hours, and tougher accountability measures. 29 more words

Education Reform

David Kirp: Why Teaching Is Not a Business

In a truly wonderful article in Sunday’s New York Times, David Kirp of the University of California at Berkeley lays waste the underpinnings of the current “education reform” movement. 996 more words

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