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Stand By Me

“Well, they are still trying to slow me down and cannot post any new photos.  This is about the connection of naming the Stephen King film “ 323 more words

Robin Williams

“I can fly, my friends” – The Show Must Go On recorded by Queen

Recently I proposed the following question about the death of Robin Williams (seen left dressed as Peter Pan from the film adaption I named “Hook”)… 252 more words

Movie review: 'License to Drive'

I have a soft spot for teen comedies, especially if they involve driving. The youthful duo of Corey Haim and Corey Feldman were red-hot in the 1980s after their appearance in “ 1,065 more words

Movie Reviews

The Lost Boys (1987)

It’s time to take a journey back to the hilarious year of 1987 to have a look at what happens when you combine Joel Schumacher (the worst Batman movies), Kiefer Sutherland, vampires, and weird messages about sexuality. 643 more words


Robin Williams' Death - Is It My Fault?

It’s no surprise that I went to bed last night thinking about the tragic loss of Robin Williams.  I know nothing about his daily life and struggles and even less about the insidious nature of mental illness but I do know that there is always help available and the fact that he couldn’t or wouldn’t accept assistance to deal with his demons makes me very angry.  845 more words

Personal Opinion

Ode to 80's Cinema Presents Gremlins and Goonies

I think about every 80’s kid remembers both of these fine movies.  They were both scary and thrilling to a kid.

Let’s start with Gremlins. 371 more words

Peg People