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Fruitvale Station, Our Youth's Anger Must Be Heard

Like many people in their twenties, I am an angry person. I don’t think I’ve ever been this angry before or at least, not consistently. Even in my teens, my view on social issues seemed to take a more distant approach including those that affected me personally. 917 more words

PoPo 5-0: Don't tase me bro!

I’m a bit wary about this subject because of the massive connotation regarding it’s very title, but I think it’s high time to be blogged about.   5,251 more words

Unpolitically Correct

Video: Oklahoma Police Chief Resigns, Apologizes for Facebook Page Containing the Word "Nigga"

Such groveling! Such overkill!

When did writing the word “nigga” become society’s worst crime? And why? And why only if you’re white?

PC run amuk! Again! 283 more words

Burning Concrete.

Hello again dear readers,
Todays been a doozie even i have to admit. Have you ever gotten so upset all you can really do is stare in one spot trying to hold it all together? 154 more words


Are We Having Fun Yet?

Night before last the dogs startled a trespasser at about 11:30PM. This jerk came over the back fence, at which time I saw a blue-jeaned leg, came forward on the dark side of the back yard, over the cross fence and thru the dark part of the front yard to go over the front fence behind the pump house. 289 more words


‘Cops assaulted us in front of our kids’

By Angelique Serrao

Johannesburg – A couple have laid a charge of assault against two Ekurhuleni metro policemen who allegedly shoved and punched them while their two small children looked on. 16 more words

Selfie Game Gone Too Far

Umm.. Yeah. It may have gone too far when you’re taking selfies after being handcuffed and placed in the back of a squad car.