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Easy Microwave Bread Pizza

My husband has found some sudden interest in food photography and he kept bragging me to make a pizza so that he could start on them.And, I had planned to make a pizza by preparing the base and sauce myself (which is on its way), and we bought the ingredients. 112 more words


My very easy plum jam recipe

As summer drifts into autumn, fruit is in abundance, not only in our gardens and allotments but also in grocers and supermarkets. One of the easiest ways to use up a glut of fruit is to make jam. 303 more words


Khalwa and chilla

I don’t mean Khalwa in Madhya Pradesh.  I mean halvet.

Mevlevi preference was for the seemingly more communal practice of çille, which is rather appropriate for my current situation. 149 more words


Recipe: London Fog

My dad is a major tea purist. Essentially, he views pretty much anything that isn’t plain black tea with some level of disdain. Green tea is okay, but not for him. 590 more words


Soz Satire's TV Choice

BBC1 20.45: A Taste Of Britain

Overweight journalist and broadcaster, Vanessa Feltz eats The Yorkshire Moors before wolfing down a fairly large chunk of Perthshire. 10 more words


Rogan Josh, 2

No doubt there will be quite a few Rogan Josh posts before I am content.

I did add a generous pinch of asafoetida, or, hing. When I finally opened up the spice jar, it was not pleasant, but it also wasn’t nearly as noxious as descriptions would suggest. 83 more words


Rogan Josh

I am making Rogan Josh with lamb shoulder cubes today. It seems that there are as many recipes as there are cooks. I don’t even remember if I ate it in India; probably not, since I wasn’t eating meat. 437 more words