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It's All About Me... Or Is It?

It’s been about ten years or so since I last wrote… I’m so sorry. I didn’t die, I swear. But I did go on vacation to see my lovely family and it was rad! 421 more words


To Be Normal or Not To Be ~ That is a GREAT question.

It is so hard to believe that all the kids are back in school. To that I say, YES! It has been five years since I have had all my kids in school. 917 more words

Control Freak

Elsa? We need to have a word...

Alright, everyone in the world has seen the disney movie Frozen by now and if you haven’t, you must not have a young child or you live under a rock. 845 more words


That Strange Wise Universe

“All things entail rising and falling timing. You must be able to discern this.
~ Miyamoto Musashi

Sometimes thingsĀ don’t go to plan.

We’ve had a…

717 more words

My inner control fairy

In our last parenting class, our teacher made a throwaway comment about not making kids put toys away in any particular order that struck me to my control-freak core. 544 more words

To live with a controlling parther, or not!

What is it like to have a controlling partner?

It can be the most wonderful experience at times, but it will likely also be terrible for the rest of the time. 3,829 more words


Oh The Control Freaks, and How I Find Every. Single. One of Them

My picker is broken, for friends and the like. And apparently I didn’t learn my lesson the first time with the phone business. This is going to be a long, frustrated rant. 1,614 more words

Where I Am Now