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Life Contradictions

Contradictions in life are a given. They are just something that we deal with all of the time. The english language is full of them: “I before E except after C, but also the hundred or so other words that the rule does apply to)” and so many other… 1,282 more words

Savage Hearts


What made you think that I would be
A chalice for your fears and dreams?
Insanity flows far downstream
Lost in complexity

There is no place where we may be… 80 more words


On the Road with Mike Brown

A few weeks ago, I moved from California to Colorado. I find myself constantly in transit across this nation, in mind if not usually in body, waiting for those moments of awe that feel worthy of photography and poetry. 791 more words


The task of the state is to maintain the unity and cohesion of a social formation divided into classes, and it focuses and epitomises the class contradictions of the whole social formation in such a way as to sanction and legitimise the interests of the dominant classes and fractions as against the other classes of the formation, 9 more words


Audio Recording: the kinda girl

So, I’ve decided to experiment with readings. I often find that the way I read something in my head sounds vastly different than how it sounds when the author reads it out loud. 51 more words


the kinda girl

“the kinda girl”

She’s the kinda girl that walks outside with no shoes on and then forgets to wash her feet before going to bed; the kinda girl who writes psychoeducational assessment-for-intervention reports while watching The Simpsons and then Spongebob; the kinda girl that eats yogurt and fruit for breakfast, a salad for lunch, grilled chicken for dinner, and an entire bag of chips at midnight; the kinda girl who works out for two hours a day, every day, and then won’t get out of bed for a week. 334 more words