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But who supervises the lawyers?

The Canadian Bar Association is the latest to come out with a comprehensive report advocating fundamental change in the structure and management of law firms and the delivery of legal services. 428 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

There's more to professionalism than knowing stuff

Many contracts, procurement and legal staff want to increase their influence. Many complain about not being involved earlier, or not being part of the ‘core team’. 327 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

A confidential report

I thought I would share extracts from an internal company report that I just read. I think it will resonate with many.

“Contract Management and negotiation skills and knowledge are increasingly important. 393 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

What is lean contracting?

An IACCM member asked me for a view on lean contracting – what is it, what impact does it have?

My thoughts on this relate to ‘lean’ in the context of quality – and therefore overall efficiency through error-free activity. 366 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Do you really have a contract management process?

Many organizations claim to have a process for contract management, yet this claim often does not stand up to scrutiny. This becomes evident as soon as anyone starts to ask questions about process efficiency or effectiveness;  quite simply, there is no data because ‘the process’ lacks an owner and is typically quite fragmented in its operation and oversight. 346 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Are your executives ready to sign-off on your contracts?

As buyers, we probably all wish that suppliers were more accountable for their sales practices and commitments. Whether it is the promises made when we buy a new car or the cost and timing of a house extension, most of us have suffered from the frustration of dealing with sales people who seem somewhat untroubled by truth or accuracy. 242 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Secure signatures: the alternatives

We spend many hours worrying about the integrity and enforceability of our contracts and agreements. This leads almost 60% of organizations to still operate with physical signatures and physical mailing, with just 18% regularly using e-signatures. 356 more words

Contract / Commercial Management