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EcoVerde Removes Odor And Contaminants From Wastewater

EcoVerde removes odor and other contaminants through a biological process based on bacteria that feed on hydrogen sulphide.

The company EcoVerde, by Mexican Humberto Uribe Luis Lobo, designed a new filtration system that removes odor and other pollutants from wastewater through a biological… 9 more words


Ibuprofen posing potential threat to fish in 50% of the 3,112 stretches UK rivers surveyed: University of York-led research

Research led by the University of York suggests that many rivers contain levels of ibuprofen that could be adversely affecting fish health.

Using a new modelling approach, the researchers estimated the levels of 12 pharmaceutical compounds in rivers across the UK. 379 more words


RISING ocean mercury levels: Pro-seafood industry organization feels the heat & warns journalists that “Unscientific extrapolation is not only a violation of journalism standards…”

The U.S. pro-seafood industry organization The National Fisheries Institute (NFI) has earlier this month (August 8) released a ‘media alert’ to ‘warn’ journalists about a new study published in… 416 more words


How Does Cooking With Unfiltered Tap Water Affect Your Food

Many people overlook the amount of tap water that they use for cooking on a daily basis. And if you’re concerned about the quality of the tap water that you drink, shouldn’t you also be concerned about the water you use for cooking? 318 more words


Wine contamination scare

It is Friday evening and you are relaxing and enjoying a glass or two of a ten year old red wine. You roll the wine on your tongue and you detect a bouquet of raspberry and leather with a slight hint of phthalate. 682 more words

Debated Additives

Don't let fracking waste be shipped on our waterways!

A letter to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers regarding the permit application for a barge unloading and pipeline facility in Meigs County, Ohio

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Water Contamination

Contaminants You May Find in Your Drinking Water

Most sources of fresh, drinking water aren’t exactly clean. Disregarding pollution and human activity, these bodies of water can become contaminated by naturally-occurring substances like selenium and mercury. 174 more words