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Texas School Won’t Let Native American Attend His First Day Of Kindergarten Because Of His Long Hair

Malachi Wilson’s parents are Navajo and Kiowa, and they believe that their 5 year-old son’s hair is sacred and should not be cut. So Wilson arrived for his first day of kindergarten last week with his long hair in a braid. 13 more words


Limits on Kings and Presidents - Shoftim 5774

In Hebrew, the name of the United States is not a translation of “United States of America.”  If it were, it would be something like Medinot HaIchud shel Amerika.  2,096 more words

Divrei Torah (Weekly Sermons)

To The Texas Patriots

Texas Patriots

There is a meeting of Texas Patriots tonight in Cleburne, Texas. I wanted to be there very badly, but circumstances will not allow it. 321 more words


"Boehner's Constitution Of Convenience": Sermonizing Politicians Cannot Meet Even Their Most Rudimentary Responsibilities

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Especially when your glass house is the House of Representatives. Speaker of the House John Boehner made headlines last month, when he launched a… 739 more words


Police State: US Military Plans to Crush Dissident Political Groups, Target Leaders with Sniper Fire

Links tweeted by WikiLeaks this week called attention to the development of crowd control doctrines by the US military, the most recent of which are codified in a US Army Techniques document dated April 2014, titled “Civil Disturbances.” Main concepts elaborated in the document include crowd dynamics, behavior theories, crowd types, and a “Graduated Response Matrix.” 9 more words

America Wars

Jury nullification. Pretty soon the government could not enforce the Fugitive Slave Law. Juries (or trial by the people) said no to the law.

“Such is the purpose of the jury; it is the redeemer of our freedoms.”

The Role of the Jury Nullification in Freeing Slaves Cannot be Overrated! 12 more words


Obama: ' A supporter suggests I proclaim a State of Emergency"

Did a supporter suggest Obama  proclaim a State of Emergency or was it Valerie Jarrett to have his way? Or was it a stream of consciousness running through his head? 288 more words