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Elliott Hulse - Cycles of Life

Anabolic and Catabolic

The circle of life; hence the solar system, the Earth, atoms and their ever revolving electrons. The universe is a series of cycles and a pattern of circles. 281 more words

Think Tank


The rearrangement of the senses.
In the transcendentalism of emerging thoughts.

Haying in the afternoons fading heat
i tend to wander away, around                         Waldens pond… 55 more words


Follow your heart, but take your brain.

Follow your heart but take your brain #Quote one of those that make you stop read & think. Learning to listen to your heart is the very first step, understating the nature of your hearts call out is the second step, following your heart with your brain is the third. 74 more words


We are all doomed by the devil of death

In death there lies a devil 

Even Death has an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other

Devil appears when parents have to bury their child 

70 more words

How to Pray

(Credits: www.kairos-al.org)

Do you feel peaceful and calm the moment you enter a holy place like a church, temple or a mosque? Do you know the reason why you feel so? 291 more words


Pop-up Park Bench Shelters: Helping The Homeless

Trying to stop the homeless from taking shelter on the street by placing strategic spikes in the ground might be absurd, but the attitude isn’t unique. 325 more words