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3rd Sept

Through true connection between our people, and the desire to unify with nature and it’s creating force to bestow and give above our earthly limiting desires will we reach our true potential, an eternal existence of happiness, balance and internal quiet.  20 more words

Daily Tips

She wasn't allowed to say "can't"

You may have seen a video or two of a person with no legs doing amazing things. But this one is particularly interesting. It has a relationship twist pointing us to a greater awareness that there are no accidents, and anything is possible. 92 more words


2nd Sept

Where are we heading as a humanity?  We need to understand that we are a critical part of the full integrated system of nature.  A deep inner connection is required by man with all levels of existence around us, still, vegetative, animate and human levels. 64 more words

Daily Tips

Poem for Strangers

Lola sells cassava in front of her house
Never in my life I bought one
Because I don’t like it as my breakfast.

She also sells boiled bananas… 140 more words


Free Hugs at the Farmer's Market

Over the weekend I went to the local Farmer’s Market with my “Free Hugs” sign to spread some love. Though I’ve done Free Hugs many times before, it has always been with other people from my Southern Maine Random Acts of Kindness meetup group. 1,547 more words


Redefining the "C" Suite

What if we replaced “Chief” with a new set of “C” words? What would happen to our organizations if excellence in these domains was the price of admission to the board room? 253 more words

I Am Thoreau

We are blessed with empathy,
and so we are cursed.

The plants and the rivers have beckoned.
Growing up in Pennsylvania has cultivated in me… 200 more words