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Just Before And Following: Greater Outside And Indoor Connection For An Outdated House In California

With the wonderful views of the surrounding for this 1950′s ranch residence, the designers produced certain that they will be in a position to generate better outside spaces to motivate the owners as properly as its guests to invest time beneath the sun especially that the neighborhood e… … 7 more words


In and Out - the paradoxes of social networking.

With the influx of light frequencies and the greater healing and merging of masculine and feminine in humanity, there has been a strong flow of the creative energy in this one this past week. 1,194 more words


Day 2

Today I was thinking about how connecting can be so different. You can connect with strangers, with friends and loved ones and they all have the potential to be meaningful and increase our mutual togetherness. 306 more words


3 Steps to Boosting Your Charisma

We often consider charisma to be a rare quality, bestowed on only a few lucky souls, special individuals who end up in highly-visible, highly-rewarding positions as politicians, CEOs, actors, and talk show hosts. 1,046 more words

Life Hacks

I'm back online!

So my random disappearance was because my internet died. But I’m back. For the moment anyway, it’s amazing how dependant I’ve become on the internet. Like I wanna get some money out, gotta get online to transfer it first. 30 more words

Day 16

Yesterday I found out (via facebook) that my brother is a hero. He is an avid skier and while up on the mountain in his back yard (not literally), he and a friend came across a man in distress in the crater. 212 more words


I am not motivated by money. I am motivated by value. More and more each day. A raise does not impress me or increase my loyalty. 17 more words