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In Marriage, how to confront your problems?

Marriage is not simple. All marriage gone to ups and downs. Simple problems, gone to worst but it’s normal. When a problem arises, couple should think first what moment causes this conflict. 176 more words

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JDL-Canada to Confront a Fundraiser for Hamas on August 29

The last few months saw an alarming increase in the Muslim extremism. The Hamas terrorists from Gaza killed three Israeli teenagers and launched hundreds of rockets into Israel, provoking a new war. 12 more words

Could Acceptance Be Killing You?

I like me just the way I am, and you should too.”

We are acceptance crazed these days. We are to be acceptant of a person’s race, their religion, their body piercings and markings, their sexual preference or orientation, their language, the volume of their voice in a public restaurant, their social preferences, their life style; the list goes on and on. 358 more words

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Concerning How To Study A Subject

As much of the subjects I had to teach to students or people wanting to apprentice under me are quite technical in nature, I discovered that the majority of people had trouble with study in general. 34 more words

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JDL-Canada and Friends Confront Hamas Fans at the Israeli Consulate

The big pro-Hamas demonstration in Toronto took place today in front of the Israeli Consulate. As I mentioned in my previous post about the event, Barry Hussein’s administration issued a letter to the US citizens in Toronto to s… 7 more words



People set them all the time. It can be as innocuous as feigning a food allergy when someone offers you a dish you do not want to eat. 1,291 more words