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When does it end? Do they really think any side will truly win? What is their definition of winning? It’s like guerrilla warfare, ravaging and scorching people that are unlucky enough to be in their destructive path. 185 more words

Why is it your way or the highway?

“Conformity is the act of matching attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors to group norms. Norms are implicit, unsaid rules, shared by a group of individuals, that guide their interactions with others. 378 more words

A Horse of a Different Feather

over the hills through the woods on the plains

free-roaming horses munched plentiful grains

happy their horse lives they galloped at will

lazily grazing til all had their fill… 261 more words

Lighthearted Lyricism

Heat (31)

A rhythm formed. Jack did his morning inspections and checked the clipboards for urgent repairs. There were very few urgent repairs. Heidi listed at least three urgent repairs per week but Jack found he could usually wait until they were underlined with an extra star beside them. 328 more words


you speak,

but nobody listens.

you are present,

but never belong.

your solitary smile

spreads its warmth

to none.

and your tears invisible

to all. 42 more words


If You Don't Have Passion

Where’s your passion?

What extinguished that fire

once burning in your eyes,

your soul?

Why quiet your heart,

instead of following Him

through the dark? 19 more words


The dichotomy that is me...........

I feel like I have two warring parts in me.
And on horrible days it feels like there is a third.
The first part is the overly conscious boy who frets and has esteem issues. 458 more words