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Life is not for the tender-hearted

I wish I had thicker skin. For a couple of days now I´ve been feeling frustrated and wronged at work. It´s like I´m standing outside myself and witness how I let things get to me. 124 more words


A little bit about "deep" people

Here is my latest observation. The more dumb and mentally incapable the person is the more he/she is trying to keep appearance of deep, depressed, sometimes self-destructive and tortured human being that hates society, that… 197 more words


Be Open to Discovery

While each day we are one day older, does it necessarily mean we are different today from whom we were yesterday? I’d like to think once I entered adulthood that I would remain indifferent. 667 more words

Antisemitism and Antiisraelism dependency

Oh, c’mon… Not once more – those Israelis can find the antisemitism everywhere!

Gods know, I hate referring to antisemitism even though it is there. Probably this is some kind of denial. 324 more words


"Soldiers mothers of S:t Peterburg" quickly became "foreign agent".

The russian ministry of justice have entered the rights-activist organization “Soldiers mothers of S:t Petersburg” in a register over non-commercial organizations which are judged to be “foreign agents”. 126 more words

Friday Night Musing

In our lives, there are inevitable times when we will find ourselves at odds with someone. It’s a natural occurrence among human relationships. We clash, we fight and it will always end either in a falling out or a stronger bond. 364 more words

Urban Planning Responses to Social Diversity

Urban development and the urban planning responses to social diversity and potential conflict in Indonesia

W. Setiawan

University of Salford, 2014

Peristiwa konflik di Indonesia telah mengundang banyak peneliti untuk melihat apa yang sebenarnya terjadi. 80 more words