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A couple of months ago I had the choice to keep my degree pure graphic design, or to be able to specialise in publishing. I was very blessed to know an extremely kind and generous girl in 2nd year publishing who helped me to make a decision, without any bias. 398 more words



Never ending cycles

Of pleasure and fright

Like the eventuality

Of day and night

Part of the routine


Thoughts and actions

Distantly divorced

See, think and do… 42 more words

You are free

Monday, Sept 1, 2014

“Rise” – By yuumei ( yuumei.deviantart.com )

Like many of us in Pakistan who did not get out on the streets of Islamabad, I personally felt I had very little right to say anything. 258 more words


7 Simple Questions About The Israel-Palestine Conflict

Semester two is nearing its halfway point, and you may have noticed that the newest theatre of battle in the Israel-Palestine Conflict is the billboards of Sydney Uni. 1,126 more words

End Times

Enemy Dawn App Gameplay Demo

Enemy Dawn is a World War II game about the Nazi invasion of Poland. As a Polish soldier, you must defend Poland using a mobile rocket launcher (katyusha) against the Nazis.


Action War Games

The Expanded Scope of Conflict Today

Wars are traditionally fought over territory. But the definition of territory has evolved to incorporate five domains: land, air, sea, space, and, most recently, cyberspace. These dimensions of “CLASS war” define the threats facing the world today. 57 more words


Superstar of the Middle East, According to BBC

Syria! aka Asra (means ‘travel at night’)

Asra used to be kind of a…unknown country, then ALL OF A SUDDEN VIOLENCE MADE HER POPULAR!!!! 38 more words

Shattered Pangea