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What is a slut?

What makes a girl a slut? Is it the way she dresses? The way she flirts with every guy she meets? The way she sleeps around a lot? 531 more words

20 Something Struggle


Our  past is part of who we are:  It’s hurts, wounds, healing, lessons and accomplishments all join to create the life we have today.
I often hear people say that we should just forget it.  177 more words

Self-Photography takes confidence apparently..

Today I took on the task of getting some new photos of myself so that my best friend and graphic designer
[ http://www.chloechristiedesign.com ] could create a blog header for me. 207 more words


Dear Voices In My Head

‘Creative Writing & Imaginative Processes’ Assignment 1: Write a letter to whoever or whatever tells you can’t write and then, tell them why, in fact, they are wrong. 1,061 more words

We are all completely in denial

Aside from the fact that we don’t feel good in our skin at times, we rather like to knock it into our brains an excuse to risk exposing us from the truth. 458 more words


September 1st, Monday

This place (work) really is giving me the pip.

I think yesterday might not have been the best day to be trying to declutter – it always raises my anxiety levels and the thoughts of going to work also raises them – so last night I was ready to pop. 712 more words


How to solve the biggest problem with confidence


its a word we hear at least 10 times a day at the most. “do you have confidence?” ” I’m not confident enough to do this” or “I’ve never had self confidence”. 1,014 more words