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Put your work out there

No matter how good you are, the doubts about your work just before shipping will always appear and that is OK. Every craftsman has to face this reality. 329 more words

Web Design & Development


Looking at him hurt. I remember looking at him hurt.

I am sixteen. I am not pretty, or at least I don’t believe that I am yet. 68 more words

Jiu Jitsu Claustrophobia

And im back :)

I’ve been thinking about this topic for a while now but I had no idea how to go about writing it. Some people will probably relate really easily to it and others might not get anywhere close. 1,361 more words


How To Stay Motivated Until The End Of Cardio


1. Find some motivating bass bumping music duh

2. Race the person next to you

3. Get all into your music and start singing

4. Be that obnoxious person on the machine thats half dancing half running half what does it even matter your in your zone… 196 more words


6 Ways Climbing Will Change Your Life

Usually climbing is thrown out of the mix when choosing a cardio sport to burn calories. Surprisingly, climbing is a low-impact aerobic workout that burns mega-calories. 531 more words

The Gaston Effect

We all know Gaston, Beauty and the Beast’s movie hunk. He is tall, handsome, has amazing hair and a jaw line to kill for. But what makes Gaston so attractive? 190 more words