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Photographer not a terrorist.org

Consider this a PSA. Please check out this site and champion our brethren’s cause. 


It’s not just for Photographers, but for all who value freedom of imagery and protection when Big Brother infringes on creativity



Rainy Sunday Thoughts

When I was out yesterday afternoon waiting on my friends to show up I checked Instagram. Mainly just to kill time. I saw a woman getting ready for a wedding and then I realized something. 441 more words

Mental Erotica

[ Scam Alert ] PayPal Phising Scam, Latest 8/31/2014


Received an email today in my gmail account that my PayPal account was missing information and I had to update it in order to keep it from getting deleted. 440 more words


Taking a survey vs. being concerned

Are you okay?

•I really didn’t want details, I was just being polite.
•It doesn’t really matter I just needed a favor
•I don’t really have time to listen so hurry up. 118 more words


Standing Alone

As long as you’re doing what God is leading you to do, DO NOT concern yourself with what OTHER people have to say about you because when you stand before God, they cannot stand with you and there is nothing they can say on your behalf.

Food For Thought

Winter Prompts Concern for Roofing in Baltimore and Other Snowy Areas

Preventing the formation of ice dams requires adequate insulation, ventilation, and an air barrier. They will keep the warm air indoors, and also the roof’s surface at a constant temperature, thus preventing melting snow that turns into damaging ice dams. 50 more words


Three That Concern Us All (2014)

1. Weather.
2. Employment.
3. Allergies.
For more than some-
Trying to overcome.