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Service Cuts, Computer Problems Plague Social Security’s 79th Birthday

Tampa, FL (Law Firm Newswire) September 17, 2014 Recent reports slam the federal agency for reduction in staff, operating hours and computer systems that do not work. 135 more words

Is Your Watch Smart?


Twenty years ago, most people didn’t believe that they would be carrying around a personal computer in their pocket (cell phone) let alone on their wrist (smart watch).  493 more words


Intro to Computer Graphics - 9/2 Notes

Apple is the standard now. Reason being…the idea of the simple software package.

Apple displays images at 72 ppi…PC displays images at 92 ppi… if you care about color. 366 more words


I Know... I've Been MIA

I have a reason!
This laptop that I am using right now, well, it’s the worst.
My HP Google Chromebook is being worked on right now because it was turning off and on by itself like a crazy, so now I am resorting to using this POC. 95 more words


How to Survive a Computer Crash

The computer has changed the way we do business and work. So when a computer crashes, it becomes nearly impossible to work. This is what happened to me when I woke up last Friday morning and my computer wouldn’t boot. 935 more words



1. The first computer with stored memory is
created. (1948)

2. Congress requires that phone companies offer
caller ID blocking. (1991)

3. The Order of the Phoenix, the fifth Harry… 10 more words


Is Your PC Crowding Your Desk?

When your PC eats up almost the entire space in your computer table, itТs time to have a little re-organizing. Desktop computers, especially those bulky CPUТs and monitors could eat up quite a space which could be a room for other essentials such as folder stackers, telephone or fax machine. 408 more words