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THE EARLY YEARNING OF PHOTOGRAPHERS TO MASTER OR EXCEED THE TECHNICAL LIMITS OF THEIR MEDIUM led, in the 1800’s, to a search for visual “perfection”. 495 more words


Self-Publishing My Christmas Song: Part 2

Preparing To Make the Recording

(This post follows on from the previous post Self-Publishing My Christmas Song: Part 1)

Having finished writing our Christmas song for choir, it was full speed ahead to make a recording. 510 more words


The Qualities of a Good Songwriter

Songwriting is a skill that can be honed through time. Not many people have the talent to write a song that can eventually have a good lyrical direction, but people can always learn and progress. 306 more words

Songwriter Connect

Taxi Driver.

Now that Music week is finished, here comes a fortnight of (some Street, some tourist) shots of London.

Some of these are rushed since I was with a party of people and there was no time to compose.


A Look Into Writing Styles

I first heard the terms “Emotional Writer” and “Intellectual Writer” around mid to late 2012 I think. It was at a seminar given at a local music studio by a local artist by the name of Jean Louis Sibert. 940 more words


I Like Trains

Okay, I’ve confessed, I am a railway enthusiast, always have been, always will be. In many ways photography and railways make natural companions. Images of our railways in the landscape are just another part of landscape photography. 446 more words

Landscape Photography