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How Walgreens is using your heart to get your wallet

I just watched a very catchy commercial with a seemingly compassionate undertone called “Get a shot, Give a Shot” from Walgreens (turns out last year they ran a similar campaign called ‘Shot at Life’). 331 more words


always remember

the most important thing that I need to learn:


  1. in reality
  2. truth
  3. myself
  4. the past
  5. my potential
  6. God’s guidance
  7. trusting others
  8. taking the risk…
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A Time for Compassion

Where is the compassion?

You know, the thing we sometimes do when another person is hurting or in need of help. The emotion that used to come naturally when we were little and we saw a friend bending over and bleeding on their knee. 389 more words


it's all about perspective

Tuesday, January 24 2012

my mind is racing once again. there seems to be so many thoughts which are caged within my skull, chained down with every promise broken and lie spoken. 628 more words


Nay Sayers Beware!

I have such a problem with “Nay-Sayers”. I work part-time in a church that ministers to all people, but there is a special interest with people from foreign countries who are adjusting to life here in the states.   1,039 more words