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The Language of Marx and his Thoery

Upon reading a review on Wage-Labor and Capital posted by Relevant Irreverence, I’m reminded of a particularly problematic feature of Marx’s work…

It is often incredibly dense and laden with nuance. 581 more words

Ferguson, MO. Black Female Takes Leap It's About Good and Evil

It was Friday evening on a local a.m. radio news talk radio station here in Savannah, Ga. This station gets its national news plugs from ABC. 262 more words

American Society









Playboy Magazine conducted an interview with Frank Sinatra in February 1963, where he answered questions on topics such as religion and politics. Reading this 50 years later it’s amazing how much of it is still current. 34 more words


Drunk Times with the Communist General

I was studying for a semester in the beautiful city of Porto in Portugal, and after a couple weeks of partying and getting to know the place, my friends and I received emails notifying us of a “Welcome Party” for all study abroad students. 1,004 more words


Nightmares Over Exploitation/Control of Kids

As I went to sleep last night I was meditating about  variety of things, as usual, in particular the post I made about governments trying to take kids away from parents.   113 more words


Prague (Part 1): Iron behind the Velvet Curtain

When you mention the Czech city of Prague to anyone, their eyes turn a little gooey as a child’s might before a sparkling Christmas tree. They will tell you about the beauty of the architecture, “like a fairytale” they say. 1,152 more words


The Forgotten Alliance between the USSR and Israel.

Most people interested in the subject know that the Soviet Union was one of the first countries to recognise Israel.

Indeed it was something my mother told me about. 567 more words