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How to ensure clear communication in team working?

The way you chose to communicate also affect the other person understanding of your idea.

About agreement and responsibility

“Collaboration is a contract; you write down your expectations and the expectations of the other team members and you sign at the end.” Cindy…

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Challenging points of team working

Creative teams with design is a motor for meaningful projects, crossing disciplines.
We admire this but we also experienced how teamwork isn’t always easy.


Doctor's no orders

Today’s trip to the doctors’ surgery to see the GP, was as expected, a waste of time.

It was c) General chit-chat

Basically, it was just to see where we were up to in the whole ‘process’. 236 more words


Paper brainstorm

Teamwork in design is something we can relate to, analyze and share experiences about. We collected and structured our first thoughts on a big brown paper and that became the start of a project


First meeting

Where can you go with design? How is it developing and what drives changes?

We questioned our design education, compared our study institutes and the way they thought us design. 19 more words