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Captions Capture the Votes! MA Candidate with Quality CC Online!

Happy we are! Found a second candidate with Quality Captioning on an online ad!


In Massachusetts – have a look:

Thank you Maura! Now tell us when you have a live event with live realtime captioning, and we’ll shout about it nationally, in many places. 27 more words


What You Allow

You can’t control what other people will do or say, but you can choose the way you’ll respond. This comes up in so many areas. Maybe you have a family member who has a history of being verbally and emotionally abusive. 863 more words


Selecting Advisory Board Members – How Important is Family Business Experience?

Textbook theory will advise you to resolve your family issues before forming an advisory board. It’s most commonly referred to as “keeping the family baggage out of the business.” Ideally this should happen, but in real-life it rarely does. 223 more words


Segmentation in the apparel e-tailing space

 A friend who recently purchased some kurtas online made a chance remark about how only certain sites stocked the kind of kurtas that she was looking for and this set me looking through the catalogs of various e-commerce sites. 422 more words


Death of the salesman

The internet is a wonderful thing. At the touch of a button I can find any information I want. This is very useful when you want to buy something, and I love shopping online. 755 more words


Let our children be little!

Let them be little, because they are only that way for a while. 

There is a race going on everywhere. A race for bringing up the best child. 435 more words


Five Strange Spanish Expressions

Spanish is one of the most beautiful languages in existence. If you speak Spanish, you can agree that not only is it the language of love, it is the language of creative cursing and expression. 403 more words

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STRANGE SPANISH EXPRESSIONS! These Pictures Are Apart of the Expressions