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I have a love-hate relationship with mornings.

On one side, I love the peace and quiet of being up before most of the world is stirring. 121 more words


And so it begins...

Day one of blogging.  The first step.  Committing to create this.  Having thought about it for a while, I asked myself the big WHY to make sure it was indeed something I wanted to commit to.  126 more words


Commitments: Connect Marketing to Sales Growth

One of the things that has been bothering me a lot lately is the perception that our job as a marketer is to “make things look good” or to “come up with a name for catchy name or slogan for something.”  Not to say that we don’t and can’t do that, but I hate the fact that often times this is the perception people have of what we do.  463 more words


After the Launch

This last weekend was the launch for COMING HOME, my third book.  I was amazed at how many people came in from from Kansas, Texas, and states across the nation.   148 more words


Talk Patients, Act Staff by @fionacmcqueen

Health and wellbeing

Without wishing to tempt fate, as I’m on call this weekend and am not anticipating there will be a large need for me at work, I’m writing my blog on Friday night and reflecting on another week closer to the Board’s target of All Patients Having a Good Healthcare Experience and no complaints – by the end of 2015.

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Carer Feedback

Marketing Me

As I embark on my new consulting career, my biggest challenge is to figure out how to best market myself. How do I integrate my skills, experience, attributes and passions into a deliciously tempting package? 191 more words


Out of focus


The competition for my attention at present is getting fierce.

  • I have several work projects in various states of progress and new things drop in and out of my task list all the time.
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