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Have African Women Been Sexually Immoral?

“African-American women, during and after enslavement, were often at pains to prove that they were not sexually “immoral” 311 more words


The Equality of Truth

If a thought is able be the truth just because somebody thinks so, why should the next person not have the same divine right to think up a truth also? 250 more words


Prague (Part 1): Iron behind the Velvet Curtain

When you mention the Czech city of Prague to anyone, their eyes turn a little gooey as a child’s might before a sparkling Christmas tree. They will tell you about the beauty of the architecture, “like a fairytale” they say. 1,152 more words


Doing wrong by Native American cultures

The other day I was watching Cowboys and Aliens. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a great concept, with top actors, great CGI, and terrible writing. 1,023 more words


The Truth About Lies

Have you noticed? That when somebody lies to you, it is usually the lie that is more upsetting, than not being told the truth. Not being told the truth is usually not as troubling to people as being lied to. 1,170 more words


Is this finally the end for Boris Johnson's estuary airport?

The Airports Commission lead by Sir Howard Davies announced today that plans for a massive new hub airport on the Thames estuary have been eliminated as an option for the expansion of airport capacity in the south east – see here for the full story: … 316 more words