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Coming Out (Part: Thank You)

First, I want to thank each and every person who took the time to read Coming Out (Part 1.5). I hadn’t intended for the post to be some kind of announcement, but the support I received (including people from whom I had vigorously hidden my sexuality) was overwhelming. 164 more words


The Most Encountered Questions

For those about to come out, I salute you.  But…brace yourself; an influx of questions are coming.

Those reading this who have been out for a while will have heard the following questions so often that they could easily make a drinking game out of how frequently they get asked.   420 more words

Coming Out

Diary entry #25 - Back to college

Today my second year of college started. This means new classes, new subjects, basically new everything (except the building of course). I’ll try not to bore you by telling what classes i had today (maybe a little bit), because this blog is about me being transgender and related subjects after all ;) . 947 more words



Dear me,

Remember that party I went to the other night, that I mentioned a couple of days ago?  It wasn’t too bad, although there was an awkward moment that I’ve been mulling over a bit since.   415 more words

The Awful Beautiful In-between

by Dan Woodard

I have been so struck over the past few weeks of this concept that I wasn’t familiar with until grad school. It’s about the in-between spaces. 967 more words


How to tell your partner

Telling my Wife about my Crossdressing was possibly the most difficult conversation I’ve ever had to face so far in my life;  today’s blog will tell you all how I handled the conversation and the fall-out with a few tips I’ve learned on the way.  637 more words


I came out.

I spent years brainstorming possible reactions my parents may have in response to finding out that I’m gay. I considered that I might end up on the streets, without a roof over my head. 884 more words