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Party Girl Web Series Chapter IX "Into the Darch-ness" is live!!

DENTON – Another chapter in the ongoing super hero web series, Party Girl, has hit the web!

The series, written, filmed, edited and produced by Bj Lewis and his group, Taurian Films, continues the story of Rachel Buchanan and her masked crime fighting journey. 378 more words

Taurian Films

My LCS has created a monster

For those that have followed this blog for a few months, you know that my LCS recently reduced its sports cards inventory. The owner still buys a few boxes of each new Topps product, but mostly he concentrates on comic books.  233 more words

Collector's Den

Review: Avengers #34

Review: Avengers #34

Written by Jonathan Hickman

Art by Leinil Francis Yu and Gerry Alanguilan

Hickman ends his Avengers tie-in with Original Sin this month as Captain America’s odyssey through time and space finally comes to a dramatic conclusion. 446 more words


Forget about "Thor a Woman?!" The Focus should really be on UNWORTHY THOR!


Fans of Marvel’s “Thor” (and perhaps even the casual observer) may have been apprised of the changes coming to one of marvel’s most iconic heroes. The comic book fandom element of the internet has been all a buzz over the changes foist upon Asgard’s favorite son by writer, Jason Aaron. 679 more words


Rant: The Two Multiverse Approaches

There is an aspect of real-world string theory in physics that makes the idea of parallel universes, and therefore parallel Earths, plausible to some degree or another. 1,056 more words


The Twilight Zone: Walking Distance

A Look At The Television Episode, The Comic Book And Radio Adaptations

Rod Serling’s Introduction: “Martin Sloan, age thirty-six. Occupation: vice-president, ad agency, in charge of media. 

1,184 more words
Rod Serling