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Marco Mazzoni’s “Bad Trip” 2014, colored pencils and ink on moleskine paper, cm 26×21

Giant 100ft lava bubble exploding near Kalapana, Hawaii, photographed by Bruce Omori. 13 more words

Bruce Omori

This really has nothing to do with anything other than how much I love art, doodling, drawing, photography, painting, colored pencils, markers, ink, paint on my hands and clothes, ink smeared on my finger tips. 143 more words

Roses from Roosevelt Park

More work on the 2 panel yellow rose composition.

Some of the areas are becoming unworkable. Part of the freewheeling approach to this sketch was layering pastels and watercolor pencils on unprepared drawing paper. 48 more words


Rose colored panels

This is a study for a 2 panel painting I’m planning.

I have been snapping pics of flowers I encounter on my walks ’round town. These were captured at Roosevelt Park. 18 more words


Evening primroses - stowaway invasive plants

Here’s why I like my evening primroses so much:

They were never planted or sown into the flower pot. I got the flower pot from my mother years ago. 78 more words


Nachtkerzen - Evening primroses

These flowers are blooming in the flower pot outside of my window right now.

The German name “Nachtkerze” literally means “night candle”. The blossoms open up in the evening and wilt during the day. 23 more words