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The Biblical Story is Collectivistic

From beginning to end, the Bible primarily talks about groups, not individuals.

This is another reason why we should reconsider our traditional methods of evangelism. As I’ve said throughout this series, our typical use of the Adam story breeds an individualism that may not serve those with whom we speak. 608 more words


Marx the Moron

Marx Was Right: Five Ways Karl Marx Predicted 2014 – Rebutted!

A somewhat humorous look at what capitalism really is and how many of the principles laid out by Marx has been implemented in Socialist America which is not even remotely “Capitalistic”.   51 more words

Collectivism And Slavery

The Inconvenient Truth About So-Called Racism In America

Disclaimer: Race is a concept valid only in the philosophical naturalist worldview and even the naturalists recognise the problems with the term and concept. Since the biblical worldview is the only accurate worldview, my use of the terms “race” and “racism” are merely to accommodate its cultural prominence. 2,265 more words


East vs West

To anyone who hasn’t yet subscribed to The Economist I would highly recommend it. Strewn amongst the vast waste of rhetoric there really are some nuggets of pure gold. 164 more words

Mahesh Ashra

How to Babel on the Gospel in China

I want to briefly illustrate the idea from my previous post. I suggested that it may be better for us to begin with the Babel story ( 457 more words


The Chase for Face: The Shame of Western Collectivism

Ever wonder what Western collectivism looks like and why it matters? My recent article attempts to deal with these questions. You can find it over at the… 119 more words


Research and Education (R & E) and Knowledge Workers, Knowledge Based Society, and Knowledge Based Economy

R & E Research and Education, a questionable science

Updated Aug 25, Link National Science Foundation deploys opinion speech data mining (fascist) social media spy program aimed at social media : 282 more words