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Shabbat Shoftim: Who are You to Judge?

“Who am I to judge?” When did those words last come out of your mouth, or at least formulate in your mind? It’s a common way for us to dodge involvement in the world. 631 more words

Law in place but caste-based customs still stifling India's baseline

NEW DELHI:Across the country, “manual scavengers” at the bottom of India’s entrenched caste hierarchy still perform the unsanitary work on a daily basis, Human Rights Watch said in a report after interviewing more than 100 people involved in the labour. 351 more words


Is Alcoholics Anonymous A Cult?

Alcoholics Anonymous, by it’s very nature, attracts a great deal of criticism from outsiders, non-members, ex-members or those who hear snippets of stories and draw their own strange conclusions. 1,924 more words


Whats wrong with the Governors Veto?

Using his Veto power is not the issue people. Trying to coerce a publicly elected official to resign; while threatening to veto State funds if she doesn’t leave is the problem. 282 more words

State Coercion: Traditional and Social Conservatives, Part I

We have now established a working definition, at least for my purposes, of the state as: The institution that possesses the monopoly on the use of legitimate coercion. 552 more words


Texas GOP Should Be Using the Word “Impeachment”

By Greg Smith

The Republican party in Texas is making a major strategic political error by continuing to refer to Texas Governor Rick Perry’s legal trouble as an indictment for coercion instead of what it is: impeachment. 404 more words


Magical vaginas

I have to confess, I got far too much pleasure from writing that title.

In case you’ve missed it a quick recap. A female games developer (who has already been getting a lot of hate for daring to be a woman in the games industry and having the gall to point out the games industry has a problem with sexism) split up with her boyfriend. 736 more words