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The Musical Treasure Hunt

  I was reviewing my Twitter feed during lunch yesterday when I came across this great Mashable on Lost Treasures. Right away I wanted to create a Teach Like a Pirate Tech Smash lesson but wasn’t quite sure how. 319 more words


Hope for a Better Grade

One class I’m taking this semester is digital writing and production. This class is full what some might see as “complicated codes,” or “mumbo jumbo.” I thought the same thing when I was first introduced to the course, but today my shiny, little light bulb lit up. 226 more words


Biting the Bullet and Actually Learning JavaScript


This is a very interesting post I read about going from zero to programmer in the language of Javascript. It’s a quick read and takes you step by step through getting started, all the way up through mastering the language and picking a framework. 49 more words

HTML5, CSS & JavaScript


For anyone out there who wants to learn how to make tumblr themes of just code to add to their skill set, this is the perfect website!



Week 2

Still struggling just to keep track of what I’m eating. It’s probably because I feel bad for what I’m eating. Haven’t accepted the fact that how I’ve been living is bad. 60 more words


Makey Makey my first Computer


   Creation and Coding are the biggest types of instruction in the classroom today. If its not about using a mobile or desktop device, its about showing how to use and create code. 313 more words


Online Dev made easy!

So I am a developer and I play around with different technologies all the time. I’ve taken to using DigitalOcean for the most part so if you need a quick SSD drive up and online in like a minute then check them out. 63 more words